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Services : Basements


Create a desirable living space with our professional basement development service ...

We offer all basement services and structural waterproofing providing a fantastic finish to complete customer satisfaction.

In addition to our well-trained, highly experienced team we also work with experienced and qualified structural engineers and architects.

We guarantee a high construction quality as required by the Canadian Standard & Regulations and our basement solutions package combines all necessary Health and Safety measures and certified work.

We use specified materials which are both environmentally friendly & available from a sustainable resource.

During the work process the property / premises are habitable and there is minimum disturbance to neighboring properties.

Whether we work from the “ground up” by giving your basement a complete makeover or work on a particular section of it, we get the job done on time and on budget!

Leave your basement remodeling needs in our hands. From end-to-end renovations to modular repairs, our services are customized to your precise specifications.


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